About David Lynas Consulting

David Lynas Consulting (DLC) are global leaders in delivering value through Business-enabling Enterprise Security Architecture.

As a most trusted strategic partner, we enable our clients to meet their most important strategic goals through our application of Architectural approaches to solve complex challenges in Cyber Security, Information Risk, Resilience, Governance, Assurance and Trusted Engineering.

David Lynas Consulting (DLC)’s methods apply cross-industry and empower our clients not just to articulate an entirely new level of strategic ambition but deliver on that vision, balancing risk with opportunity to achieve positive benefit. Read the latest Security Architecture insights from our blog or view our upcoming events.

Our passion for, and commitment to, our clients’ success is characterised by a unique customer experience, and our ability to make a real difference is evidenced by two principal factors that set us apart: our people and our method.

David Lynas Consulting

Our People

Leaders not only in thought but in action, DLC’s globally renowned team of advisors do not just operate at the pinnacle of our profession, they define it.

DLC is proud to have built a team of unrivalled depth with decades of experience defining and leading enterprise programmes or reporting directly to Corporate CEOs and Government Ministers.

Each member of our team has a history of demonstrable success, can articulate the bigger picture, transform the enterprise conversation, engage stakeholders at every level, and deliver insightful, actionable, practical advice with value-add, and skills transfer.

DLC provides unrivalled assurance of capabilities. All of our team members are SABSA® authors, SABSA® Masters, or accredited to multi-Practitioner level with Masters in progress.  We will never risk our reputation or our clients’ success by deploying inexperienced resource.

Our Method

DLC is the unrivalled global authority in the application of the SABSA® Methodology to deliver enterprise benefit in any problem space from Finance and Critical National Infrastructure to Trusted Product Engineering.

Providing the Framework to plan, the Model to Engage, and the Method to achieve results, our Architectural approach creates a harmonious, holistic, integrated strategy to transform our client’s security programmes.

The SABSA® method results in an Enterprise ability to adapt to an ever-changing business environment, overcome disruption, and convert fear, uncertainty, and doubt into confidence, conviction, and clarity.

DLC’s approach delivers a real-world, pragmatic, achievable strategic roadmap for transforming business constraints into programmes with positive outcomes.

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