SABSA’s Integrated Controls Library

 SABSA’s Integrated Controls Library: 30 November – 0900 EST | 1400 GMT – John J. Czaplewski

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Join us for a webinar exploring how the Integrated Controls Library (ICL), a centralized repository for information about an organization’s approved security controls and associated meta-data, plays a critical role in fully realizing an enterprise security architecture’s full range of benefits. An ICL supports and enables the planning, design, implementation, and management of successful architecture’s core elements, including:

  • Standards alignment and integration
  • Integrated Compliance Framework that addresses multiple standards simultaneously
  • Multi-tiered Control Strategy
  • Assurance of security control design, deployment, and operation
  • Integration of security to Agile development approaches
  • Security Design Pattern development
  • Security Knowledge Management
  • Implementing layer mapping for two-way traceability between business requirements and security solutions
  • Capture and use of security control performance data
  • Support throughout the Security engineering life cycle

Presented by DLC Director – John J. Czaplewski.

Download the slides from this webinar on our resources page.