SABSA Fast-Track

Kick-start your Enterprise Security Architecture Journey

Recognising the sometimes daunting gap between architecture theory and the real-world challenges of creating large scale architectures, DLC’s SABSA Fast-Track engagement is designed to enable organisations to bridge the gap by gaining valuable and practical first-hand experience in making tangible security architecture deliverables quickly and for low financial commitment.

A SABSA Fast-Track work package typically culminates in an intensive programme of delivery workshops designed to help “kick start” your Enterprise Security Architecture initiative by taking you through the entire SABSA architecture development process of intensive in-house workshops and presentations heavily customised and focussed on your priorities. The Fast-Track works by applying the SABSA model directly to your specific environment for a given scope. Powerful and substantial results are achieved with limited budget and limited commitment of resources.


The SABSA Fast-Track will allow you and your organisation to: • Pilot your Enterprise Security Architecture programme with low financial commitment • Build an ESA on an initial scope which can be expanded into the organisation • Deliver security value quickly, and with limited resources & stakeholder involvement • Map what a future ESA which delivers value across your organisation will look like


Finding a suitable scope is key to delivering a successful outcome on a Fast-Track engagement.

The method is applicable to any scope but successful outcomes typically stem from taking a focussed first cut of your Enterprise Security Architecture by starting with a technology project such as BYOD or Cloud, or by picking an area of the organisation where security architecture can provide value to a team or department as a proof-of-concept.

Initial up-front document review is carried out by the DLC Team to ensure they hit the ground running, understanding the unique context of your organisation before rolling up our sleeves and taking you through the facilitated workshop approach on which the Fast-Track relies.


One of the key value propositions of the SABSA® Methodology is that it is comprehensive, but how do you hit the ground running with your security architecture when there is so much to do? DLC’s Fast-Track process can focus on outcomes in an area that will give you and your organisation value quickly. Perhaps your Security Governance or Risk Management approaches need to be matured or you need to demonstrate to your business stakeholders why they need to take ownership of security risk? Or do you need to provide real traceability between security solutions and business requirements? The Fast-Track process can be applied in any area, delivering value by preferencing the SABSA Models and approaches which suit your organisation best.