ISACA Ireland Conference 2020

 ISACA Ireland Conference 2020: 19 November – Online – David Lynas

DLC CEO, David Lynas, will be presenting the opening keynote session for the ISACA Ireland Chapter virtual conference on 19th November 2020. Registration is open to both members and non-members, and is free of charge.

Adapting to “New Normals” – How to Architect for Ever-moving Goalposts

The goalposts have always moved.  The modern Enterprise shares all the characteristics of a complex system: it is comprised of many moving parts that interact, conflict, and have systemic dependencies between them, and with the environment in which the Enterprise exists; it changes organically as a result of the behaviours of its parts, each of which has its own objectives, success factors, methods and risks.

Turning security strategy into reality within such a complex system has always been one of the Architect’s greatest dilemmas.

But now we understand that the goalposts do not just move, they can be completely redefined by a new normal.  And we know there will always be another new normal. 

Future success depends upon an Enterprise’s ability to understand complexity, be resilient to complex disruption, and adapt to ever-changing complex requirements.  The question is “How?”.  Even if we prioritise with a risk-driven approach, there are far too many high priorities and far too few resources for us to succeed before the goalposts move again.

In this ISACA Ireland session we will demonstrate SABSA Architecture techniques to prioritise a security roadmap to transform and adapt to ever-changing complexity, ensuring that security solutions are always traceable to business requirements, whatever they are, whatever they become, no matter how quickly they change.