How to Architect For Ever-moving Goalposts

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David’s Keynote at ISACA Ireland 2020 on Adapting to New Normals

It’s early November 2020, and David Lynas is deep in hibernation developing content for the next generation version of SABSA® training materials launching in early 2021. That gives me the chance to get the blog on our new website up and running with the news that David has been invited by ISACA Ireland Chapter to present the keynote at their upcoming annual conference on 19th November.

In 2019 we took a Gold Sponsorship package for the event at Croke Park in Dublin. It was a highly enjoyable day, and first and foremost, it was great to see so many security professionals in the same place in Ireland. In Ireland, sometimes we are guilty of taking the “small nation” mindset. We can forget that our security talent is strong enough to compete on a global front.

Last year’s event was a valuable opportunity to catch up with some of our recent SABSA® training clients. These were mostly in the banking and financial sector, but also to talk to security practitioners who are maybe not so familiar with SABSA or an architected approach to solving security challenges. The conference provided a welcome reminder that there is always more marketing and awareness work to be done around business-driven information security.

We’ve always known that today’s enterprises are complex. David’s session for the virtual event in 2020 – Adapting to New Normals: How to Architect for Ever-moving Goalposts, will explore that complexity a little further and ask what happens when an already ultra-complex environment gets re-defined yet again. What happens when we need to pivot all of our strategic initiatives immediately to survive a global pandemic? One of the architect’s great dilemmas has always been turning strategy into reality. 2020 has shown us that reality’s usual relentless pace can move into overdrive at a moment’s notice.

You can view more on David’s session and the full conference agenda on the ISACA Ireland Chapter website. 

Sessions to Watch

I’m very much looking forward to attending as a delegate this year. My session to watch out for is Cognitive Biases and Audit Reliability from Helvi Salminen. Helvi is a long-time contributor to David Lynas Consulting’s beloved COSAC Security Conference and is sure to provide value in the virtual realm. And Todd Fitzgerald, another COSAC alum, is queued up to deliver the conference’s closing keynote. I hope you will be able to join me in attending the ISACA Ireland Conference 2020.


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